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Tell your friends, acquaintances and family members about Nuki. If they then opt for a Nuki Smart Lock, you will receive exciting rewards as a thank-you.

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The Nuki referral program
in 4 steps

Simply share your referral link

Simply share your referral link

Recipients receive a 10 % voucher for the Nuki Online Shop

Recipients receive a 10 % voucher for the Nuki Online Shop

Your friends save on their first order

Your friends save on their first order

You then receive exclusive rewards as a thank-you

You then receive exclusive rewards as a thank-you

Your rewards
for successful referrals

1 referral:
Surprise product – add-on for your Nuki Smart Lock

3 referrals:
50 € voucher for the Nuki Online Shop

5 referrals:
Free Nuki Keypad or 2 free Nuki Fobs

10 referrals:
100 € voucher for the Nuki Online Shop

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Recommend Nuki to your friends via social media or email. It’s easy to do – simply log into your Nuki account. You can then share the link directly with your friends.

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Important: If you don’t have an account in our Nuki Online Shop yet,
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  • What are the criteria for participating in the Nuki referral program?

    Any verified customer in the Nuki Online Shop can invite friends and use the Nuki referral program. However, your friends must meet a few requirements:

    – They have to be new customers and should not have created a Nuki account before.
    – The purchase must be made through your referral link. Your friends must purchase a Nuki Smart Lock of their choice in the Nuki Online Shop.
    – The minimum order value is 169 €.
    – Your friend must have paid for the product and cannot cancel or return the order later.
    – Only one account is allowed per user. Self-referrals are not permitted.
  • How long are referral links valid?

    The referral link for the individual 10 % voucher is valid for 30 days. The voucher code can only be redeemed once and is linked to the email address of the invitee. Referral links via social media can be redeemed 15 times.
  • How and when do I get my reward?

    The person you refer must have met all the necessary requirements beforehand. As soon as this is done, we will send confirmation of your reward. You can see the current status of your referrals directly in your Nuki account under “Referrals”. It can take up to 60 working days for everything to be verified by us.
  • Can I invite friends who already use Nuki?

    No. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add a user to your referred friends at a later date. Your friends have to be new Nuki customers and use your referral link when they buy a product.
  • Do I get a reward if the friends I’ve invited buy the product elsewhere?

    No, because then unfortunately we cannot tell whether you were the one who invited them. Your friends have to buy their products via our Nuki Online Shop and use the link they received from you.

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