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Nuki Combo 2.0

Nuki Combo 2.0 Starter-Set

Your smart door lock for your home

  • Smart access via smartphone
  • Control & monitor while on the move
  • Works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Airbnb

298 €

269 €

Nuki Family Combo

Nuki Family Combo Familien-Bundle

Perfect for small & large families

  • Smart access via smartphone and Fob
  • Always know whether your children have arrived home safely
  • Expands the Nuki Combo with 3 Fobs for family / service providers

415 €

339 €

Nuki Keypad Combo

Nuki Keypad Combo Bestseller

Smart access via smartphone and access code

  • Smart access via smartphone Keypad
  • Generate access codes while on the move
  • The perfect backup when your smartphone is running low

377 €

329 €

Nuki Fob Deal

Nuki Fob Deal

4 Nuki Fobs at a discount

  • Set of 4 Nuki Fobs
  • Easy to use with a simple click
  • Assign Nuki Fobs to loved ones or service providers

156 €

139 €

Nuki Opener Combo

Nuki Opener Combo

Your all-in-one Nuki access system

  • Keyless access from the street into your flat
  • Control the door to your building & flat remotely
  • Perfect for in-home deliveries

397 €

319 €

Nuki Opener Set

Nuki Opener Set

Your first step into a keyless world

  • Control your front door remotely
  • Adjustable time windows for automatic opening when the bell is pressed
  • Have your online orders delivered directly to your front door

198 €

169 €

Nuki Smart Lock 2.0

Nuki Smart Lock 2.0

Turn your smartphone into a smart key

  • Can be used as a standalone product or combined with various extensions
  • Auto Unlock function and up to 200 custom access permissions
  • Local and offline (can be extended any time with the Nuki Bridge)

199 €

Nuki Opener

Nuki Opener

Control your intercom with your smartphone

  • Control your front door with your smartphone
  • The perfect extension for Nuki Smart Lock owners in apartment buildings
  • Nuki Bridge required

99 €

Nuki Box

Nuki Box

The smart door opener, even without Wi-Fi reception

  • It makes the existing electric door opener for entrances to buildings and garage doors smart
  • Thanks to the integrated GSM module, it’s always online, even without WI-FI reception
  • Auto-unlock function and individual authorisation levels

349 €

Nuki Bridge

Nuki Bridge

Control your Smart Lock remotely

  • Create and manage access permissions on the move
  • Control your Nuki Smart Lock online and remotely
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT & Airbnb

99 €

Nuki Fob

Nuki Fob

Open your door even without a phone

  • Via Bluetooth with a simple click
  • Shock- and water-proof
  • 10+ years of battery life

39 €

Nuki Keypad

Nuki Keypad

Easy access via entry code

  • Open your door with a 6-digit entry code
  • Up to 100 custom entry codes can be stored
  • Weatherproof

79 €

Nuki Power Pack

Nuki Power Pack

Power up your Smart Lock

  • Up to 12 months battery life
  • No more battery changes – charge via USB-C
  • Simple and sustainable upgrade

49 €

Ekey Uno Fingerscan

Ekey Uno Fingerprint

The product is only available for Club members

  • Accessory for the Nuki Smart Lock
  • Unlock with your finger
  • Fingerprint scanner incl. battery

RRP € 249

Special price for
Nuki Club members

Nuki Refurbed Combo

Nuki Refurbished Combo

The product is only available for Club members

  • All devices are fully functional and reset to factory settings.
  • You protect the environment and extend the life of used Nuki products.
  • All refurbished devices are covered by the 24 months warranty.

RRP€ 269

Special price for
Nuki Club members